Partnership Carson City is hosting a free informative webinar series every Tuesday at 3 p.m., each week covering a different topic that focuses on continuing to build a healthy, strong community.

“As a coalition, the way we’re set up, we can easily adapt to our community needs,” said Hannah McDonald, executive director of PCC. “And in a time like this we want to continue to educate our community members and show we’re still there for them even if that means through remote education and prevention.”

Samantha Szoyka, youth program coordinator for PCC, is presenting the first installment tomorrow, covering youth drug trends and what parents and youth need to be aware of.

“Other staff members will be creating the weekly webinars as well,” Szoyka said. “Topics will include how to keep your youth from abusing substances and how to talk to them as well as healthy coping mechanisms when staying in due to COVID-19. Questions and discussion are encouraged.”

Instructions for joining the Zoom sessions are available below. The presentations will also be recorded and available here afterward.

Be sure to connect with Partnership Carson City on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as on YouTube for virtual yoga sessions and more educational webinars.

To join the online Zoom meeting, CLICK HERE. Or read below for more information.

Zoom is a web-based online meeting platform that offers flexibility for you to call you’re your computer or phone or both.

Please follow these steps to join the meeting.


Click the URL website link provided to connect to the meeting. Here it is again:

You may need to download the Zoom software — easier than it sounds; you’ll be prompted with instructions to follow. It’s recommended you test your system by clicking on the link in advance of the meeting to ensure your system is up-to-date.


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  • If you click computer, it will give you instructions to test your speakers.
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There are several numbers provided and are designed to serve as a back-up, but each will connect to the same meeting (they are offered due to high call volumes).


If you’re joining before the meeting starts, you’ll see the main screen.


We recommend that if needed, you turn off the video of yourself and mute yourself unless conversation or interaction is desired.

If you need technical assistance, text Partnership’s Samantha Szoyka at (775) 291-6715 – and she’ll call you to discuss.

Recorded Sessions

Visit our YouTube channel by clicking here (external link) to access all of our informative Healthy Tuesday sessions.