Suicide Prevention Virtual Walk in Memory, Walk for Hope
Facebook Live Saturday, Sept. 12 at 9 a.m.

Partnership Carson City, inspiring a healthy community through education and prevention, is teaming up with the Nevada Coalition for Suicide Prevention (NCSP) and the Nevada Office of Suicide Prevention (NOSP) to remember those lost through suicide for the 14th annual 5K Walk in Memory, Walk for Hope. The memorial takes place virtually this year, Saturday, Sept. 12 at 9 a.m. as a Facebook Live event and includes opening remarks from the NCSP chair, followed by other speakers.

Walkers are encouraged to complete the walk on their own during the week of Sept. 7 – 12. PCC has a map with a suggested 5K route for download online and will have it lined with purple balloons and ribbons on Sept. 12 for participants to follow. Participants do not need to follow this route and can participate in this memorial walk starting right outside your front door.

“Unfortunately, the funds for suicide prevention and mental health are limited for non-profits like us to help support, spread awareness and provide resources for this type of advocacy,” said Samantha Szoyka, youth program coordinator for PCC. “If we as an organization want to help and prevent suicides in our area, we have to fundraise. We hope our community sees the value in this important initiative and since it’s virtual this year, anyone should be able to join in.”

The walk is free this year, however donations are suggested. With a minimum $20 donation participants receive their choice of a T-shirt or face gator. Receive both the T-shirt and face gator with a $30 donation.

All participants are encouraged to share their walk experience by submitting photos of your walk and pictures of loved ones lost due to suicide. Send photos to PCC directly at By submitting a photo you are giving permission for PCC to use the images in publicity and social media to further enhance efforts and bring awareness to the cause.

For instructions for donations, Facebook Live and to access the map, see below:

To donate and/or purchase T-shirts and gators click here. [External Link]

To join the Facebook Live event click here. [External Link]

To find the map that gets you around the pre-marked 5K route click here. [External Link]

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