ACCS offers a broad array of professional counseling, psychotherapy and assessment services for individuals, couples, and families. We specialize in relationship and family difficulties brought on by employment struggles, anger, intimacy, and sex and/or addiction.  We understand that these struggles can bring painful symptoms of depression, anxiety and possibly a feeling of hopelessness others may not grasp. These issues are often difficult to talk about- and at these times it’s easy to feel misunderstood. Throughout the course of your work ACCS therapists aim to fully understand your experience by listening without judgment and providing a framework to help you reach beyond what might seem possible right now. The process of meaningful change begins during the very first session.

ACCS therapists have a broad range of practice interests- however they share a common philosophy: that a strong working relationship is a major factor in getting the best results from therapy. Key to this relationship is a focus on what is most important to you, our client. Our office staff will help pair you with the therapist or program best suited to your situation. Please feel free to contact us and request a no-fee telephone or email consultation with one of our professionals.