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Partnership Carson City, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office and school resource officers are hosting a no-cost, certificate education on Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL).

The collaborators are providing a server training course Tuesday, September 15 at 5 p.m. on Zoom. Those who participate and complete the hour-long course, receive a certificate that they successfully completed the educational course and are trained to sell and serve alcohol within Carson City County.

Samantha Szoyka, youth program coordinator for PCC, and Jarrod Adams, a sheriff’s office school resource officer, host the server training. The webinar includes alcohol awareness and reviews the Carson City laws for selling or serving liquor as well as how to spot a fake ID and to be aware of the levels of impairment. The $20 fee is waived for the rest of these online courses for the year 2020.

“The course also provides attendees with educational information on positive drinking habits and preparing and building healthy habits,” Szoyka said. “Participants will walk away with the tools needed to serve and sell alcohol within restaurants, bars, or from retail stores. Especially right now with the requirement to wear face coverings, it’s making it harder for servers to identify individuals. It’s important to become aware of that and ask the right questions.

Instructions for joining the Zoom sessions are available below.

To join the online Zoom meeting, CLICK HERE. Or read below for more information.

Zoom is a web-based online meeting platform that offers flexibility for you to call you’re your computer or phone or both.

Please follow these steps to join the meeting.


Click the URL website link provided to connect to the meeting.

Here it is again: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0tdeisrz4uG9NS264IKJjq111gC2GpVUVH

You may need to download the Zoom software — easier than it sounds; you’ll be prompted with instructions to follow. It’s recommended you test your system by clicking on the link in advance of the meeting to ensure your system is up-to-date.


You’ll be asked if you’re joining by computer audio or phone. Most likely you will need to join by phone (it’s listed on the top of the box), unless your computer has audio or you are using a tablet (like an iPad).

  • If you click computer, it will give you instructions to test your speakers.
  • If you select phone, the phone number option and meeting ID will appear on your screen. Just dial the number and when prompted, enter the meeting ID and follow the prompts.

There are several numbers provided and are designed to serve as a back-up, but each will connect to the same meeting (they are offered due to high call volumes).


If you’re joining before the meeting starts, you’ll see the main screen.


We recommend that if needed, you turn off the video of yourself and mute yourself unless conversation or interaction is desired.

If you need technical assistance, text Partnership’s Samantha Szoyka at (775) 291-6715 – and she’ll call you to discuss.

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