Mission Statement

“The Partnership Carson City’s mission is to foster a healthy community by building strong families and successful youth, through education, collaboration and engagement of our citizens.”

Vision Statement

Partnership will extend its collaborative efforts to grow a healthy community of mutual lifetime learning. We are dedicated to law enforcement, media, government entities and concerned citizens to promote efforts that enhance:

  • multi-source assessments of community challenges and strengths impacting children and families
  • facilitation of collaborating between community services providers, businesses, and members at large to help children and families
  • advocating for ordinances, policies and practices that reduce substance abuse
  • opportunities for substance abuse and other health education to be available to children, families, and other community members
  • services for mental health support and education to be available to children, families, and other community members
  • support of existing positive and supportive activities and services for children and families
  • initiation and the pilot of needed services and preparation to transfer to a local agency to sustain
  • treatment options for substances abusers in jail
  • support of law enforcement and criminal justice response to illegal drug and alcohol activity in Carson City

Download the Community Prevention Plan

The Comprehensive Community Prevention Plan is purposefully prepared as a template to assist in prevention planning in the community. It is designed and developed with references to multiple community sectors. It is Partnership Carson City’s hope that this document will be used as a valuable resource for community partners to plan comprehensive prevention effects.