Meet Hannah

Executive Director, Nevada Certified Prevention Specialist

I’m proud to say I’m a true Nevadan. I’ve attended all school levels here. And I’m happy to say, I got married and now I’m raising my children here. My professional career began with PCC in 2011. Before that, I was active through my school years as part of the youth team. I guess you could say, I followed the path of my heart. Some of us have ideas of being famous, others have dreams of making money. I wanted to make an impact and thought I would be out in the world doing something big. I am involved in something big right in my own hometown. But what surprises me most is that I am the one that is impacted daily through my work. I have been inspired by the youth, families and people I have the honor to work with day after day. I feel honored to work with a team that is just as dedicated to making a difference.

Hannah is the Executive Director of Partnership Carson City and a Nevada Certified Prevention Specialist. A certified prevention specialist ensures that prevention programs and their funders are delivering on their mission of ensuring public safety and well-being and must demonstrate a thorough understanding of prevention and the latest evidence-based practices for the prevention of substance misuse and substance use disorders. Hannah also sits on the Nevada Certification Board.