By Teri Vance

National statistics show that one in five adults suffers a mental health disorder in any given year in the United States.

“We all know somebody,” said Tasha Martel, outreach coordinator for Partnership Carson City.

“It’s not just the people who have to be medicated. So many people suffer from situational depression or anxiety, and they just need a little help.”

However, seeking help can be overwhelming for a variety of reasons. Organizers of the Family

Field Day for Mental Health Awareness are hoping to ease that discomfort.

“We really want to connect the community to the resources we have in Carson City,” said Sam Szoyka, Partnership Carson City’s youth program coordinator. “We want to destigmatize mental illness and show that there is help. If you can connect faces with resources, there’s more opportunity if they ever need help.”

The Family Field Day will run 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday at Eagle Valley Middle School. It will feature field games for families, such as tug-of- war, water balloons and face painting. Booths will also provide information for resources including Ron Wood Family Resource Center, Serenity Mental Health, National Alliance on Mental Illness and other health and wellness providers.

Attending events like the Family Field Day, Szoyka said, is a good way to alleviate stress and contribute to mental well being.

“You can get out of the house, get fresh air and be with your family,” she said. “Physical health goes along with mental health.”

Martel said the focus is on families rather than the individual as a built-in support and accountability system.

“Family plays a huge part in being a happy, healthy person,” she said. “If you have a strong unit, you are more able to rely on each other and recognize if something is wrong.”

If you go
WHAT: Partnership Carson City’s Family Field Day for Mental Health Awareness
WHEN: 10 a.m.-2 pm. Saturday
WHERE: Eagle Valley Middle School, 4151 E. Fifth St.